Terms and Conditions

Place of jurisdiction / Applicable law The terms & conditions of the Swiss Rent a Car GmbH are exclusively governed by Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes between the parties of a contract is Zurich.

1.1 The renter of a rental car must be in possession of a valid driving licence:
a) Cars & minibuses with seats up to 8+1 (3.5t) Cat B
b) Minibuses with seats up to 16+1 (3.5t) Cat D1
c) Buses with more than 16+1 seats Cat D
d) Trailers with a total weight over 750 kg Cat E
The car rental company may refuse to hand over the vehicle, if a valid driving licence is not presented.

2.Car reservation
2.1 If a particular vehicle model is not available, the Swiss Rent a Car GmbH (further referred to as the company) will reserve another vehicle in the desiredcategory for you.
2.2 The vehicle has to be collected and returned at the agreed time and date. The company may charge the renter for delays.
2.3 When the rental period is finished the company may procure the vehicle at the renter's cost.

3.Collection of the vehicle
Vehicles will be collected with a full tank, safe to operate and in clean conditions at the rental station and have to be returned to the same. After the contract has been signed (a valid driving licence and identification card have to be on hand) the vehicle will be inspected for damages, which will be marked on the contract.

4.Collection of the vehicle outside office hours
The vehicle can be collected by means of a key safe. In order to do so the contract has to be signed and the rental depot has to be paid in advance. Complaints from the renter have to be reported to the company before the beginning of the rent.

5. Use restrictions
5.1 It is forbidden to use the rented object:
a) For driving courses, races, skid-control courses or as a driving school
b) As a towing vehicle.
c) By supplying incorrect personal information.
d) Under the influence of drugs or medication.
e) If the vehicle is not roadworthy.
f) For driving through bodies of water.
g) For commercial transport or the transport of dangerous, high flammable or explosive substances
5.2 The renter is bound by contract to treat the vehicle with care and to check its roadworthiness.
5.3 Repairs during the rental period should be carried out by the nearest official car dealership of the rented vehicle if possible. The company will refund the paid amount if a receipt is presented, except in the case that the damage incurred is due to the renter. Replaced parts have to be returned to the company.
5.4 The vehicle may only be driven by the renter himself, except if it is written in the contract that other people may drive the vehicle as well. 5.5 The vehicle may not be driven outside the country's borders, except if the contract specifically allows it.
5.6 In the case of an accident, fire, theft or damages caused by wild animals or similar damage the renter has to inform the company immediately. The renter is bound by contract to do everything that is necessary to minimize the damage. In the case of any accident the renter has to inform and call in the police. If the police refuse to record the accident, the renter has to inform. the company immediately.

6.Reduction of the retained amount
The following damages are not held covered even if the renter has reduced the retention:
Damages to the tyres, rims, rear view mirrors, antenna, seat cushions and interior equipment etc. as well as mechanical damages due to abnormal handling of the rented vehicle or damages ensuing from a breach of the duty of care, shall be at the renter`s expense.
The retained amount of 200. -CHF is in effect in any case of damage.

7.Rental vehicle insurances
7.1 Liability insurance: unlimited liability cover (retention Fr.500.-)
7.2 Comprehensive insurance: unlimited cover(retention Fr.500.-)
7.3 Passenger insurance
a) Every passenger is insured by a passenger insurance
b) In case of death: CHF 30'000.00
c) Disability: CHF 100'00.00
d) Daily allowance from the 1st day CHF 20.00
e) Medical expenses agreed

8.Breakdown assistance
8.1 The vehicles are kept in good condition and undergo regular checks. If an unexpected defect should occur, you may proceed as follows:
a) Call the 24 hours helpline of Swiss Rent a Car:
International: 0041 76 716 66 66
Switzerland: 076 / 716 66 66 or 078 / 300 90 90
b) Call the breakdown service (look in the log book, i.e. AXA Winterthur
AXA 24h helpline: 0800 809 809
8.2 You can find all of our insurance documents and all relevant information in the log books of our rental cars. The responsible employees of the insurance company will inform you how to proceed.

9.Obligations in the event of an accident
9.1 The renter/driver is obligated to:
a) Inform the Swiss Rent a Car GmbH tel. +41 (0)76 716 66 66 / +41 (0)78 300 90 90 as well as the police immediately.
b) Record the facts of the accident in writing using the European accident statement form (in the log book).
c) Note down the full particulars of all the persons directly involved in the accident, and of the witnesses. Oral or verbal promises to third parties concerning payments to victims are to be abstained from and are of no relevance for the company.

10.Journeys abroad
The following countries can be travelled to without restriction:
Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Austria, Spain and Sweden.
Journeys to other EU countries have to be reported. In the case of a vehicle theft the increased retention applies.

11.Child seats
The law states that children under the age of 12 or smaller than 1.50 m need a child seat in the vehicle.

12.Carriage of goods
It is the renter's responsibility to obtain custom and transport documents as well as the respective permits for international transports.

13.Ban on smoking
There is a strict ban on smoking in the vehicle!! Any violation will be treated as 'extraordinary pollution' and will be charged subsequently according to cost and effort.

14.Means of payment
The following means of payment are accepted:
EC / maestro
Credit cards: Mastercard / Visa / American Express
Post Finance Card

15.Cancellation of Rental
Cancellation Cost: The following conditions apply for the cancellation of
rental that should be confirmed by us per email, phone or mail:
- 2 WEEKS (14X 24h) : 45CHF - arrangement fee.
- 1 WEEK (7x 24h) : 10% of the invoice amount (max. CHF 200.-).
- 3 DAYS (3x 24h) : 30% of the invoice amount (max. CHF 500.-).
- 1 DAY (24h) : 60% of the invoice amount (max. CHF 500.-).
- DURING the rental period : 100% of the invoice amount.

16.Fuelling service
The misfuelling of a vehicle can cause costs up to 1000 CHF. Please understand that you will be charged with these costs in the case of a misfuelling.

The renter has to pay for the fuel of the vehicle. The vehicle has to be returned to the station with a full tank. Failure to do so will be charged with a fee of Fr. 150.- for caused inconveniences.

18.Spot fines / Breaches of the rules
The renter is accountable for spot fines and breaches of the rules and has to pay for them himself. If the fines are not paid, the renter will be charged with an additional administrative costs fee of Fr. 150-.

19.Return of the vehicle outside office hours
The vehicle can be returned by means of a key safe. The renter is accountable for any damage incurred to the vehicle in the time between the return of the keys and the next opening of the station.

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